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         The ministry of education is mandated "to provide all persons in The Bahamas with an opportunity to receive a quality education..." This task has been constantly challenged by the archipelagic nature of the country. The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and cays that spread across 5,358 sq.mi. A committee was established to address this challenge; and to explore opportunities for the advancement of education through emerging ICT.

        As a result, the committee developed a distance education model which connects students and teachers remotely. The teacher-student interaction takes place using ICT via the internet through video conferencing software. Hence, the birth of Virtual School Bahamas which went live on Tuesday 17th September, 2019.



To provide all students enrolled the opportunity to receive quality education that will equip them with the necessary beliefs, attitudes and skills needed to compete in an everchanging world.



1. To address gaps created by teacher shortage and distribution on the Family Islands.

2. To provide instructional support to students enrolled in alternative programs and homeschool.

3. To develop high quality instructional materials that support life-long learning.

4. To act as a catalyst to advance the delivery of education using transformational tools, teaching and learning strategies and school management.

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Our vision is to promote academic excellence and provide students with multiple opportunities (academic, emotional, social, etc) that will enable them to make meaningful contributions as nation builders at home and abroad.

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